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French 2015 Championships (SC) in Angers : Axel wins Bronze medal on 1 500 mDuring the 2015 Championships of France (Short Course) in Angers, Axel Reymond wins the Bronze medal on 1 500 m in 14:55.24.

This is his third medal in the Championships of France (SC) (after one in Bronze on 1 500 m in 2012 at Angers, and one in Silver on 1 500 m at Dijon in 2013), and also his fifth medal France Championships across all coures (after one in bronze on 800 m, and one in bronze on 1 500 m in 2014 in Chartres (LC)).

Final Results of the 1 500 m in Angers 2015 (SC) :

1th - Damien Joly (CN Antibes) 14 min 32 s 75
2nd - Joris Bouchaut (Dauphins du TOEC) 14 min 35 s 08
3rd - Axel Reymond (CN Fontainebleau-Avon) 14 min 55 s 24